Julie Lange

Julie Lange has traveled that dark road every mother dreads above all others, the death of a child. Her story is a healing journey through tragedy and loss into a life of unexpected joy and richness. Born the eldest of seven children in a rural Illinois community, she spent 14 years in corporate marketing and PR, before founding her own marketing communications firm prior to her 16-year-old son’s death from suffocation after using nitrous oxide. She experienced several other profound losses within that same two-year period that stripped away all of the trappings of her previous life. Her grieving process, which she chronicles in Life Between Falls: A Travelogue Through Grief and the Unexpected, gradually evolved into a new career as a writer and community advocate for teens. She played a leading role in the establishment of two nonprofit organizations and a local teen center, and became a national spokesperson against inhalant abuse. Along the way she began studying shamanism and other forms of spiritual healing. Today she is the grandmother of two little girls, and lives with her husband Lou in rural northwest New Jersey. In addition to her work as a writer, she now leads workshops using shamanic journeywork as a healing tool for people grieving a deep loss. For a schedule of classes, email her at joolybooly@juno.com. To Listen to Julie on Open to Hope Radio



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