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Open to Hope Books

We are pleased to provide a list of those books written by the distinguished authors who contribute to Open to Hope.


Let’s Get A Grip on Grief

Grief is a very puzzling process and not easily understood. Even most adults don’t understand ...Read More

52 Secrets on How You Can Cope With Your Grief

If your life is a story, then your past or history is the preface to the rest of your life. When you...Read More

Suddenly Single: How To Find Renewal After Loss

Death is the great equalizer. Be you rich or poor; savvy or naive; any religion; or any race, there ...Read More

Love After Loss: Writing the Rest of Your Story

“Love After Loss: Writing the Rest of Your Story” chronicles the author’s journey ...Read More

Words of Comfort To Pave Your Journey of Loss

Every mourner is afforded the opportunity on how he will view the loss of his loved one. Without neg...Read More

Simple Contemplative Spirituality

Charles W. Sidoti’s book, Simple Contemplative Spirituality, is available here.  ...Read More

Daddy, This is it. Being-with my Dying Dad

Julie Saeger Nierenberg’s book, Daddy, This is it. Being-with my Dying Dad, is available here....Read More

Gracefully Gone

Alicia Coppola’s book, Gracefully Gone, is available at Amazon.com.  ...Read More

Living at God’s Speed: Healing in God’s Time

Charles Sidoti’s book, “God’s Speed: Healing in God’s Time,” is availa...Read More