Most people write their about pages based on how great they are to market themselves in a light they want to be seen in. For me since my mum passed away in 2012 and this site was born. I wanted to create as many experiences in my life so when I look back I can say I lived a life I was really proud off. Went backpacking to Indonesia at 17 Spent 4 months at a hospice with mum before she passed away Learnt about living from experiencing loss. Travelled the world tour managing international music artists. Volunteered at a cancer hospice Taught English in Vietnam at a Local High School Went to the Maldives and experienced the postcard picture in real life Created A Music Booking Agency Self Published A Book On Amazon Lived with my gran for a year and really got to know her Visited the tropical islands of Okinawa ( Japan) Live in Vietnam for 9 Months and took a motorbike ride across half of the country Fell of a bar stall drinking Sake with a local in a Japanese Bar Ended up working with International artists I listened to on cd as a child Worked For Guide Dogs For The Blind and met some of the most inspiring people I have ever met Travelled To Morocco and surfed by the desert. Took The Wrong passenger ferry in Indonesia and ended up on an army boat of new recruits Life for me is about exploration learning, developing and creating service. The passing of my mum really put things into a clearer perspective – time is short – do the best you can- live a life your proud of. I love to help people develop their potential and discover their greatness. Helping them to get from where they are to where they want to go. I always love to turn a negative into a positive,shift a perspective, challenge a belief and have conversations that will have lasting impact. I don’t like to follow the social norm or follow probability rather seek possibility. I love learning from the greatest minds, teachings and knowledge I come across, to connecting the lessons in my life create change and sharing the wisdom I learnt. I strive to be the best me everyday through taking Responsibility, sharing Love, taking Action, being honest to myself and others, being authentic and see everything in life as a gift. (Sometimes this can be hard)
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