Kelly Kamowski

Stephanie Piro and Kelly Kamowski have been successful, published cartoonists for over 25 years. Stephanie Piro is syndicated with Six Chix (King Features) and has sold art work to galleries on the East coast. She has had books such as My Cat Loves Me Naked published (Sourcebooks) and also calendars and greeting cards. Her Fair Game cartoon is about relationships. She designs jewelry too. Stephanie lives in New Hampshire and grew up on Long Island. Stephanie and Kelly were both fans of Peanuts, Dennis the Menace, the Archies, and MAD Magazine growing up. Kelly and her brother traded comic books with the neighborhood kids. Kelly now writes for the Dennis the Menace franchise and other syndicated cartoons. She has been a cartoon gag writer (ghost writer) for many freelance cartoonists. Kelly has been published in such places as Reader's Digest, the Wall St. Journal, Harvard Business Review, Barron's, Woman's World, First, and the Saturday Evening Post. She is an accountant which has been her "day job" for most of her career life while writing cartoons on the side. She has worked in the banking, nonprofit, and hospitality industries. She began writing their brand, Compassionate Cartoons while working at a nonprofit that helps children who are grieving due to death and divorce. Kelly is a former Air Force brat and lived on Guam at one point in her life but mostly the Midwest in places like Omaha, Nebraska. They are both animal lovers and each have several cats. They are both proud mothers. They have known each other for 15 years and have never met in person but hope to make that happen someday!


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