Suzanne Schafer

Suzanne Schafer is a creative global visionary with a commitment to humanity. Her life purpose melds writing, design, travel, teaching, speaking, creative vision, & strategy. Her focus currently revolves around embracing tradition and reaching beyond old paradigms. With a Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture from Arizona State University, Marketing and Design background, coupled with her intuitive nature, Suzanne utilizes this knowledge base in all of her endeavors. In 1996, while working in the commercial architecture and design industry, Suzanne became a founding partner of Out of Your Mind, a marketing, branding and promotional company. During the past 12 years, she has worked with a wide variety of Fortune 100 and 500 companies developing brand identity, marketing strategies, e-commerce catalog programs, and sourcing promotional items. When, her life took a turn down a 7 year journey filled with extreme highs and extreme lows—one painful event after another, she finally accepted that she was being prepared to return to a place of service and being provided with real life education on the joy and pain we all experience in life. She has committed to helping humanity heal and find balance in their physical, emotional and spiritual worlds. During her period of surrendering and healing she accepted—yes, we all will suffer many pains; however, within those pains we can find strength, inspiration and deep knowledge about ourselves. Suzanne is committed to sharing her experiences and words to help others find hope and inspiration in their darkest and finest hours. She has just finished writing her first book, Bare Naked Bliss, scheduled to be published in late 2008. She is currently working on a children’s book of poetry inspired by her two lyrical children and a book on Self Intimacy. In Fall 2008, launched her internet radio show on www.lifestyleyak.com.


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