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  • Episode 120: Resources for grieving families

    January 8, 2018

    On this show Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi Horsley highlight three outstanding programs for grieving families. Nancy Cincotta MSW talks about her work with families at Camp Sunshine in Maine. Bereaved parents Marie Levine, National Board member of The Compassionate Friends and Allison Jacobson Executive Director of First Candle discuss their missions and how they […]

  • Episode: 66: Mortality; Living Your Best Life

    April 26, 2016

    On this show Dr’s Gloria and Heidi Horsley interview Sara Feldman Sheehan and her husband Bobby Sheehan producers and directors of Mortal the first documentary that addresses the shifting paradigm in how we view life and death. The second guest is Lilly Julian bereaved parent of Michelle and founder of COPE with the mission of […]

  • Episode 58: Children and Grief

    October 30, 2015

    On this show Dr. Heidi and Dr. Gloria Horsley interview jazz singer, producer and actor, Cristina Morrison about the loss of both her parents and how she has coped and gone on to find hope.  The second interview is with Dr. Marian Sokol, Executive Director of the Children’s Bereavement Center of Texas in San Antonio […]

  • Episode 42: Saving At Risk Children

    May 7, 2015

    On this show Dr. Gloria Horsley and Dr. Heidi Horsley interview Tashel Bordere Ph.D., CT regarding her work in death, dying and bereavement with black families. A video clip is shown featuring Harlem Mother’s S.A.V.E. followed by an interview with founder Jackie Rowe-Adams bereaved mother of Anthony and Tyrone who lost their lives to gun […]

  • Katie and Marc Markell-Using Fiction to Help Grieving Children

    March 19, 2012

    After losing their father at a young age Katie and Mark have devoted their lives to helping children and adolescents find hope and healing at the annual Association of Death Education and Counseling.

  • Dr Betty Davies and Dr Heidi Horsley; Sibling Bereavement

    February 20, 2012

    Dr Betty Davies and Dr Heidi Horsley talk about sibling bereavement and how children cope with a loss and how we can help them. This interview was conducted at the Annual Association of Death Education and Counseling.

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  • Don’t Send the Wrong Message to Surviving Children

    September 26, 2017

      When our child leaves this earth, so many of our future hopes and dreams go with them. I don’t even need to start listing them; we all know all too well what those things are. When my oldest daughter, Becca, first died, it was so hard to see past her death and the death […]

  • Peter’s Place: Serving Grieving Children in Philadelphia

    October 18, 2016

    Dr. Gloria Horsley talks with Anthony Morelli of Peter’s Place. A licensed social worker, he works with bereaved children near Philadelphia. Peter’s Place serves children and families who have experienced a death—usually of a parent or sibling. When there’s a loss, it affects the entire community including the school. Children need a safe, consistent environment. […]

  • Stacey Smyczynski: Children and Grief Groups

    August 10, 2016

    Stacey Smyczynski of the Children’s Grief Center of the Great Lakes Bay Region talks with Dr. Gloria Horsley about using peer to peer support. Kids ages 5-18 help one another at this center. The adults also have their own support groups to attend when the children meet. There are opening and closing circles where talking […]

  • Molly Pickett: How to Talk to Your Grieving Teen

    December 20, 2015

    How can you talk to a teenager about the grief process? John Rampton with the Open to Hope Foundation interviews Molly Pickett, whose father died when she was young. She remembers there were many hurtful things said to her, often by well-meaning people. She recommends that parents especially avoid saying certain things to kids and […]

  • Phyllis Silverman: Raising Grieving Children

    October 22, 2015

    The Open to Hope show features Dr. Phyllis Silverman, a bereavement expert who specializes in working with grieving children. While speaking at the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) organization, Dr. Silverman shares nine lessons she’s learned over several years of working in the industry. Currently associated with Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical […]

  • Talking with Children About Grief

    September 4, 2015

    Linda Goldman discusses how to talk to children about grief with Dr. Gloria Horsley at the 2015 Association for Death Education and Counseling conference. Goldman authored Great Answers to Difficult Questions about Death for parents, and a children’s book called Children Also Grieve. As an expert in grieving and children, Goldman says the books are […]

  • Brianne Overton: Helping Teens Grieve

    August 30, 2015

    Brianne Overton tells Dr. Heidi Horsley at the 2015 Association for Death Education and Counseling conference that teens really don’t have a voice when it comes to grief. Since they’re in between children and adults, many adults think they’ll grieve similarly to their more mature peers, but that isn’t the case. Teens are in a […]

  • Cori Bussolari: Grief Therapy What Families Need

    June 11, 2015

    With a background in pediatric psychology, Dr. Cori Bussolari now specializes in grief therapy within a private practice and also teaches at the University of San Francisco. She has extensive experience working with parents of dying children and parents of children who have already passed. Recently, she spoke with the Executive Director of the Open […]

  • Play Helps Lessen Grief

    December 17, 2014

    My grandson, Timothy, pulls his hood around his five-year-old face with the strings left dangling down his chest and his coat unzipped. A sock monkey droops its body half way out of the lime green backpack that bounces along the gravel driveway. Cold drizzle hit us in the face as we hurry to the car […]

  • Activities to help Children Process Grief: Interview with Dr. Natalie Carlos

    November 15, 2014

    At the annual ADEC (Association of Death Education and Counseling), I spoke with Dr. Natalie Carlos, who works in the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, about her work with children and grief. Natalie got into this field after being motivated and inspired by her own personal experience. Natalie’s mom died after a two-year battle with […]

  • Bereavement and Adolescents: Interview with Dr. David E. Balk

    November 13, 2014

    At the annual ADEC (Association of Death Education and Counseling), I spoke with Dr. David E. Balk about grief and adolescents. David is the author of a book called Dealing With Dying, Death, and Grief During Adolescence. In the video below, David discusses social media and the internet and how it has changed the face […]

  • Teens and Homicide: Interview with Dr. Tashel Bordere

    July 19, 2014

    At the annual ADEC (Association of Death Education and Counseling), I spoke with Dr. Tashel Bordere about her work with teens and the effects of homicide on their lives. In the video below, Tashel shares some of the most important things she has learned during her work with teens and homicide. Here are some key […]

  • Talking to Children about Suicide

    May 17, 2014

    Children and Suicide in Today’s World The topic of suicide and children is one that has been approached with great difficulty. All too often parents, educators, therapists, and other caring professionals are unwilling or unable to speak of the issues surrounding suicide with today’s youth. Yet in our nation and in our world the young […]

  • Childhood Grief: An Interview with Chase Roberts

    May 17, 2014

    In this video, Jesse Roberts, the author of Katie the Ladybug: Explaining Emotions of Grief to a Child, speaks of his own experiences and encourages those who are helping grieving children to be honest, concrete, and sensitive when discussing the topic of death. Losing both of my parents before the age of 16 inspired me […]

  • How to Help Children After a Traumatic Death

    February 19, 2014

    Peter was seven-years-old. He died of a brain tumor soon after he fainted on the school playground. Peter had first complained to his teacher of a bad headache, then fell off of the swings and become unconscious. His parents rushed him to the hospital, where the doctors discovered a brain tumor. He died after an […]

  • The Irreverent Widow, Sandi Amorello on Young Widows with Kids in Tow

    November 3, 2013

    What the bereavement support group dress code should be and why widows often say they’ve “thrown out the rule book”: this and more when memory artist Nancy Gershman talks to Sandi Amorello, humorist, artist, and author of The Irreverent Widow: Shockingly true tales of love, death and dating…with children in tow. Sandi is also founder of Girl Scout Dropout, […]

  • Someday: A Poem

    July 18, 2013

    I may have lost myself somewhere along the way But I’ll be back when the dawn breaks…someday. Along my journey I walked into too many caves And the darkness made me want my home And to come back someday. There were dragons to slay Horrific dragons—I was afraid But I slayed them And loudly whispered […]

  • After Sandy Hook: Talking to Young Children about Grief

    December 19, 2012

    The parents of Sandy Hook school children are reeling in shock, yet they must explain death to young children. Talking with kindergarten, first and second graders is a real challenge because of their limited vocabularies. How can you explain death to a young child? I have BS in Early Childhood Education and taught preschool and […]

  • America Mourns Together and Heals Together

    December 17, 2012

    America is again shaken by the senseless deaths of loved ones in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre that resulted in the murder of 26 adults and young children. It is especially unnerving as those who were shot and those who died were doing an activity familiar to all of us: attending […]

  • Sandy Hook Tragedy; How Can We Cope?

    December 14, 2012

    America is again riveted and shaken by the senseless deaths of loved ones in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut massacre that resulted in the murder of adults and young children in the prime of their lives.  It is especially unnerving as those who were shot and those who died were […]

  • Teen Mourns the Death of Her Best Friend

    April 27, 2012

    Question from a reader: When I was 12 years old, my best friend in the whole world died, one month before her 12th birthday. She was in the swimming pool playing that game—you know, who can hold their breath the longest—she was under but when she came up she inhaled a lot of water. She […]

  • ‘Daddy Died, Mommy. Are You Going to Die, too?’

    January 13, 2012

    When children lose one of their parents to death, they may worry that their other parent will die as well. This worry can also come if another person who has been very important to them (such as a grandparent) dies. What can we do to keep those worries to a minimum? We lay the first […]

  • ‘I Can’t Tell Them I’m Dying’

    January 5, 2012

    A reader writes: I am married and the mother of three children. I have been told by my doctors that I have a rare and terminal illness. My husband and children love me and need me, and they do not know that I am dying because I cannot tell them. How can I tell the […]

  • Young Widow Watches Sons Grow into Men

    November 4, 2011

    I am a mom of two boys. I am mom to two boys who do not have their father around anymore as a model. I am a mom who, beyond words, loves being a mom of boys. When my husband died seven years ago, I knew that finding positive, male role models for my young sons would […]

  • Let’s Get A Grasp on Grief

    March 24, 2014

    Grief is a very puzzling process and not easily understood. Even most adults don’t understand it, so how can we expect children to understand their feelings if their Mom or Dad dies. “Let’s Get A Grasp on Grief” begins to help older children (9 years +) to understand some of the confusing emotions they will […]

  • Let’s Get A Grip on Grief

    March 24, 2014

    Grief is a very puzzling process and not easily understood. Even most adults don’t understand it, so how can we expect children to understand their feelings if their Mom, Dad or another loved one dies. “Let’s Get A Grip on Grief” does NOT attempt to explain death or why a loved one had to die. […]