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  • Soldier On: When Hope is Fading

    Posted on September 25, 2020 - by James Sesnak

    https://www.amazon.com/Soldier-James Sesnak/dp/1733872205/ref=sr_1_1?crid=28YNX3RJYSQO&dchild=1&keywords=soldier+on+sesnak&qid=1600520693&sprefix=soldier+on%2Caps%2C211&sr=8-1 “The pain I feel now is the happiness I had before. That’s the deal.” C.S.Lewis   C.S. Lewis’s memorable quote summarizes my life as I write these words. […]

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  • Recovery in Pieces

    Posted on October 31, 2019 - by Tambre Leighn

    It’s been many years, many miles, and many tears since the early, raw days of being widowed. The life I am living now is one I would never have recognized […]

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  • Telling-Your-Child-About-a-Death

    The Stories We Tell Ourselves

    Posted on July 31, 2019 - by Tambre Leighn

    What is the story you tell yourself about your loss? Even as a child, I understood the power of stories. Through words, I could escape into worlds far, far away. […]

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  • Being Exquisitely Seen

    Posted on May 29, 2019 - by Tambre Leighn

    Books Saved Me I’ve been a lover of words and books and writers since childhood. I treasure the way we can be educated, transported, and transformed through what we read […]

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  • Pieces of You

    Posted on June 25, 2018 - by Tambre Leighn

    Today, I gave away another piece of you. A piece that’s traveled with me for thousands of miles back and forth between Los Angeles and Canada and other places. A […]

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  • grief candles

    Acute Anticipatory Grief: What a Surprise!

    Posted on May 24, 2018 - by Harriet Hodgson

    Anticipatory grief isn’t new to me. I’ve studied it for years, written articles about it, and co-authored a book about it. That’s why I was surprised when I burst into […]

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  • Every Single Breath

    Posted on May 7, 2018 - by Tambre Leighn

    The 17th anniversary of my husband’s passing was on my mind in the days leading up to it. Some years, it slipped by me without much notice. Other years, the […]

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  • A Young Widower’s Marathon, Part 2: Healing, Resilience and Dating

    Posted on April 4, 2017 - by Michelle Jarvie

    Andy Guice’s life forever changed when he met his wife. She uplifted and encouraged him in ways he’d never known. Then she underwent three rounds of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer […]

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  • A Young Widower’s Marathon, Part 1: Cancer and its Aftermath

    Posted on April 2, 2017 - by Michelle Jarvie

    The night of April 21, 2016, I opened my email and saw the following subject: “My dentist, Melanie, gave me your name as a fellow griever…” I thought back to […]

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    Celebrity Deaths Remind Us We Are All Mortal

    Posted on December 8, 2010 - by John Pete

    Celebrities often appear bigger than life, untouched by the everyday challenges of “regular people.” So, when their lives come to an end, it is a stark reminder that we are […]

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