Nicky C Jones
Helping women make peace with grief one softer symptom at a time... After losing her boyfriend to cancer and her mother to suicide within a 13 month period, Nicky was stricken by how little support there was for her. She felt desperately alone, like no one really got it and unable to grieve authentically. Because of this she is on a mission to hold a safe space for women who are grieving while offering them tools to soften their symptoms in the most self-loving and holistic way possible. Nicky has developed a one-on-one Yoga Inspired Grief Coaching Program that works to release grief off the five layers of the body-being (physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual) which inspired her E-book "6 Steps to Soften the Symptoms of Grief". This book is a charitable offering for those who would not otherwise have access to her services. For every coaching program sold, she donates the E-book (on her clients behalf) to a women's charity, so when her clients invest in themselves they could also potentially be helping hundreds of other women! Nicky is a skilled teacher, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, energy worker and Thai massage practitioner who wants nothing more than to lift the stigma of grief in our society one beautiful woman at a time. Please visit Nicky's website for instant access to her class "Reclaim your Joy" plus free tips and tools to help you make peace with grief! And get daily inspiration by following her on Facebook!
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