Most importantly, Dr. Neal Raisman is Emma’s and Jack’s “zaddi” or grandfather which he considers his number one job. But Dr. Raisman is also the leading authority and consultant on customer service and retention in higher education. Dr. Raisman’s best selling books such as The Power Of Retention: More Customer Service In Higher Education have been purchased by 63% of all colleges in the US. His latest book is From Admissions to Graduation: Increasing Growth through Collegiate Customer Service. His customer service and retention blog with its discussions of recent research and solutions to customer service issues is very popular and read by over 2,000 colleges, universities and business that work with academia each week His 36 years as a faculty member, dean, associate provost, president, and chancellor of public, private and for-profit colleges and universities has provided him the understanding of academia to make him at least bi-lingual. He speaks English and academic-ese. And his years as a stand-up make his writing always fun to read and his presentations entertaining as well as educational. He speaks our language and understands the unique nature of colleges and universities with their individual cultures and missions and that they are indeed businesses at some level. His work in customer service began in 1999 when hired to figure out why a large multi-campus college was losing students. The answer he found was customer service. Not the customer service of the corporate world but of the academic enterprise where the customer can be wrong – especially on quizzes and tests. Since then, Dr. Raisman has worked with over 500 colleges in the States, Canada and Europe to research and solve customer service issues. He also works with corporations and businesses that wish to better understand the higher ed market and students. Neal is a highly sought after speaker, trainer, consultant, researcher, and marketer on customer service. His firm, N.Raisman & Associates is the leading customer service consulting group for retention, enrollment, morale and marketing for higher education and businesses that work with colleges in the US, Canada and Europe. He has a PhD from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in neurolinguistics, was a Fulbright Fellow in France; has published six books, over 400 articles and the blog; won numerous academic and marketing awards and accolades. But, little makes him prouder than his family and when his dog Hersch listens to him.
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