Megan Prescott
Megan’s interest in writing began young as the daughter of a wonderful high school English teacher in rural Vermont. When Megan was 18 years old her mother Nancy was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukemia and died eight months to the day of her diagnosis at the age of 50. Twenty eight days after her mother’s death, Megan’s brother Adam was a passenger in a car that struck a van of college students. He and three other people were killed instantly. These events changed the course of Megan’s life and began her long and intense journey into and through the bereavement process. Megan has dedicated the last twenty years of her life to using art and writing as a healing tool in her own grief experience and has come full circle in her own bereavement process by writing and illustrating Squirrel and Oak, a Story of Hope. For over 15 years, Megan has taught in many environments and has inspired hundreds of children and adults to love and feel confident in making art. She believes that creating art can help heal even the deepest emotional wounds and has made it her mission to make it accessible to those who need it most. Megan is excited to reach and help children with her book and is thrilled to be a new author, something she knows would make her mother very proud. To see some of Megan’s art created in her bereavement journey and for more information about this process, please visit:
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