Megan Aronson
Megan Aronson is a writer, mother, spiritual seeker, and self-certified Grief Expert who teaches the art of conscious grieving after developing a way to heal her “unattended grief” through a devastating string of losses in her life. She is the Aunt to an angel who died just before his third birthday, and the author of a popular blog, “A Writer’s Journey Inside Out.” As a freelance writer, her work has been seen across Northern Arizona. She is currently working on her first book, a memoir on life in death. Willingly throwing herself deep into the ugly underbellies of cancer and death, the earlier loss of her two year old nephew, the personal betrayal of losing her baby to a miscarriage, and the purifying astringent of the recession stripping away the “stuff” that soon proved to be unnecessary, Megan's writing takes her readers on a journey to peace and awakening through each powerful loss experience. She also volunteers for several non-profit organizations including the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project: Arizona Assignment, Young Voices Be Heard and Camp Soaring Eagle.
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