Judith Johnson
Judith Johnson, PhD is a dynamic visionary and social change agent committed to transforming the fear-based culture of death in America. She has an interdisciplinary background in strategic planning, education, and practical spirituality and holds doctoral degrees in Social Psychology and Spiritual Science, a Masters Degree in Business and over twenty years working with corporate and entrepreneurial ventures. As a non-denominational minister Judith provides grief counseling, and officiates at memorial services. Her passion for facilitating change in the culture of death was fueled by a nine year journey as primary caregiver to her mother. Judith, a published author, writes regularly about death, bereavement and human consciousness on the Huffington Post. She is currently writing a book on breaking free of our social taboo around death. Along with Laurie Schwartz, an early leader of the Hospice movement in the United States, Judith co-founded Having It Your Way, a creative collaboration designed to educate and motivate individuals and organizations to live from a place of profound authenticity. As consultants, she and Laurie assist organizations in evolving their response to the needs of the dying and grieving among their employees and the community they serve. As coaches, they empower individuals to achieve greater peace of mind by clarifying personal values and preferences regarding the end of life; communicating wishes to loved ones and doctors; and making plans in advance of need as a gift to themselves and to those they will one day leave behind. Through media projects, consulting services, public speaking, seminars, and writing they educate, inspire, and facilitate the process of transforming the paradigm of death in our culture. Their mission is to shift the public’s perspective on dying, death , and bereavement from anxiety to equanimity, thus creating a more compassionate society.
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