Hi. I'm Lanie. My friends call me Pampi. I'm 33 years old. I'm a graduate of BS Psychology and I'm currently taking up Diploma in Industrial Relations. I work as a Policy Development Specialist at a reputable BPO Company here in the Philippines. My former jobs usually revolve around teaching and Human Resource. I usually write about stuff that interests me, places I've been to and inspirational topics that can be used as a spiritual devotion. I'm also into music. I used to be in a band where I wrote 5 songs. For now. I usually sing at weddings, play the guitar and the piano. The articles I write are mostly for my blog. I usually do free-writing. I have been through a lot in life which I think is the reason why my friends come to me for advice. Specially the heartbroken. I think it's because I've been through a lot of heartbreaks and heartaches. Sharing to them what I have gone through, what I should not have done, what should have been done and how GOD changed my life after all that.
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