Avril Nagel

Avril Nagel is a writer, editor and author living in Victoria, British Columbia with her husband and two young children. She is the co-author of When Your Child Dies; Tools for Mending a Parents' Broken Hearts. Written in partnership with Randie Clark, M.A.MHC, CCC, When Your Child Dies is a comprehensive resource that helps bereaved parents develop healthy coping mechanisms, face challenges associated with their loss, and move forward through their grieving process. Avril and her husband lost their son Alden when his heart stopped suddenly during birth. In addition to writing in the field of bereavement, she works as an Editor and contributing writer with the University of Victoria Family Centre. The publication is geared towards families and articles range in topic from parenting, health and wellness and community events. She has also contributed articles to online parenting websites and national magazines. Her publications are versatile and range in topic, including emergency management, bereavement, pregnancy loss, international development, health and wellness and parenting. She graduated from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.



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