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The Breath of Life is a Touch from Heaven

April 11, 2019

  Our hearts continue beating no matter the sadness and visceral pain we experience when a love one dies. What else can our breathing do? Let me invite you to the space of the breath and only the breath. I know what you’re thinking: People say to you to just breathe, take a deep breath, […]

Celebration Service Brings Mother Solace

April 7, 2019

My 40-year-old son, Jeff, passed away very unexpectedly on 12/13/2018. I thought my sister’s death was the worse thing I would ever go through. Then Jeff died. It is difficult to describe the feelings. Profound sadness and heartache beyond anything I have ever felt before. Recently, I thought about Jeff’s celebration of life. Jeff struggled […]

Bereaved Military Family Members and Veterans Invited to Participate in Grief Study

April 7, 2019

Guest Column by Stephen J. Cozza, M.D Memorial Day is coming and our nation will pause to honor the service and sacrifice of our fallen military service members. Deaths in the decade after September 11, 2001 largely resulted from sudden and violent causes, including combat, accidents, and suicide. Even during peacetime, deaths in the military […]

Grief Through the Rearview Mirror

April 7, 2019

This big, horrible thing happens. You lose the person with whom you chose to partner for the challenging, amazing, and, sometimes, scary thing called life. Each of us has our own unique experiences of the grieving process. Yet, it’s normal to feel like you have no idea how you’ll go on without them. Whether I […]

Well-Dressed Grief

March 22, 2019

He was dressed for success. His suit was charcoal gray, shirt the blue of a perfect spring sky, both complimented by an elegant tie. Since the gentleman had just entered the room of a noon-time support group for those 55-and-over, I suspected he was coming from work. Or was he retired and always wore his […]

It’s Not Time That Heals Our Wounds

March 8, 2019

  Time heals all wounds. The message has been passed down for centuries, used in memes, mimes, and has come out of many mouths from those who wish to offer another person encouragement and support. For some of us, this expression is a beacon of hope that keeps us clinging to life, maybe even getting […]

Grief of Chronic Illness

March 4, 2019

  After three bouts of living with an irregular, rapid heartbeat (atrial fibrillation), I was diagnosed with acute heart failure. Though I knew I was having heart problems, I didn’t think they were life-threatening. Heart failure was bad enough, but the word acute really bothered me. I wasn’t prepared for the emotions that surfaced in […]

Five Signs of Love’s Eternal Essence

February 25, 2019

  Valentine’s Day has come and gone for millions of happy couples, friends, children, and parents who celebrate this Day of Love, but for countless people who have lost a special someone, pain continues to pull on their heart strings for what seems like an endless loop of days that merely exist as Before and […]

A Lonely Death in Palm Springs

February 22, 2019

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. – Bishop Desmond Tutu Palm Springs. Frank Sinatra. Elizabeth Taylor. Liberace. Mickey Rooney.  Bob Hope. Rock Hudson. Lauren Bacall. Marilyn Monroe. The name of the city, coupled with the legendary icons of Hollywood’s Golden Era, cements Palm Springs in the […]