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Assembling Your Widower Advisory Board

Posted on October 2, 2019 - by Herb Knoll

Men need support after the loss of a spouse, and one way to get it is to create a team of people who can coach you. I refer to them […]

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Widowers Need To Be Coachable

Posted on October 2, 2019 - by Herb Knoll

What do Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, and Derek Jeter all have in common? We could start with a considerable amount of athletic ability. Each has been recognized as […]

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What I Learned from Reading 2,000 Deathbed Fantasies

Posted on September 30, 2019 - by Bob Baugher

It’s true. I’ve read a couple thousand submissions by people who wrote what it might feel like if they had 20 minutes to live: who they would want at their […]

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Getting Pregnant Again After the Loss of a Child

Posted on September 26, 2019 - by Catherine McNulty

This excerpt is from Catherine McNulty’s book, The Gifts of Grief. “I wanted to give up the struggle and not try again.”  Trying to get pregnant again after the loss […]

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He Talked about His Son and I Didn’t See a Tear

Posted on September 24, 2019 - by Bob Baugher

 It’s interesting how human behavior can fool us. We look at someone and think, “OK, I’ve got her all figured out” and then she does something we would have never […]

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Angels, Lights, Birdies and Butterflies: Is it Really Them?

Posted on September 24, 2019 - by Nina Impala

When are loved ones leave us sometimes we will have profound dreams of them. Those dreams can be alarming or bring peace. In the early stages of grief, we want […]

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We Don’t Die. Our Bodies Do.

Posted on September 24, 2019 - by Bernie Siegel

As someone who has had a near death and past life experience, I know the truth about what we call death. When my wife died 18 months ago, the incredible […]

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Something Beautiful Remains

Posted on September 24, 2019 - by Elaine Voci

“Tears will leave no stains, time will ease the pain, For every life that fades, something beautiful remains.” The sunlit formal room, filled with attentive mourners and the family of […]

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How Grief and Addiction are Related

Posted on September 24, 2019 - by Ralph Macey

“Every man casts a shadow; not his body only, but his imperfectly mingled spirit. This is his grief. Let him turn which way he will, it falls opposite to the […]

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A Statistical Look at Grief: Markers on a Lonely Journey

Posted on September 24, 2019 - by Tracey Wallace

Throw the stages of grief out the window. They simply can’t be trusted. If you are like me, or most people who are grieving in any way shape or form, […]

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