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Barbara Hoffman: Don’t Run Red Lights

February 15, 2018

Barb Hoffman is the Executive Director of Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance. She joined this organization as a volunteer back in 2004 after her fourteen-year-old son, Michael Allanson, was hit and killed by a man who ran a red light in Mesa Arizona. Barb is the author of Carelessness is No Accident. Play […]

Jason Jones: Limping But Blessed

February 8, 2018

After the accidental death of his three-year-old son, Jacob in 2011, Jason Jones went on a long, painful journey to make sense of how God could have let this happen to his son and their family. He struggled intensely with his faith after everything he thought about God disintegrated. He is the author of  Limping […]

Neal Raisman: Finding Balance After Loss

February 1, 2018

Neal Raisman Ph.D. is ex-college president who lost his son Isaac to meningitis. He struggled to reconcile and live with the loss finally finding outlet for his grief in writing a book, Standing on One Foot, to express and explore his grief leading to ways to find a new balance in life. Play in […]

Mitch Carmody and Jacob Yurich: Twin Loss

January 25, 2018

Mitch Carmody a nationally recognized grief authority and author of “Letters To My Son, is a bereaved Dad and bereaved sibling. His twin sister Sandy died in 1985. Joining Mitch will be bereaved sibling Jacob Yurich whose twin brother Zachary died in 2000 of the same cancer as Mitch’s son. Both men found hope with […]

Harriet Hodgson: Raising Grandchildren

January 18, 2018

Harriet Hodgson has been a freelance health/wellness writer for 37+ years, is the author of 37 books, and thousands of articles. Her latest writing focuses on caregiving, and this is her 20th year as a caregiver. She was her demented mother’s caregiver for nine years, her twin grandchildren’s caregiver for seven years, and has been […]

Kelly Griffith: Sibling Loss-Tragedy Assistance Program

January 11, 2018

Kelly Griffith is the TAPS Magazine Editor and Manager of Internal Communications and the surviving sister of Marine Corps Maj. Samuel Griffith. Kelly’s background in journalism and the profound impact of Sam’s life and service enable her to share the compassion and care of TAPS through writing. Play in new window | Download

Ida D Gonzalez: Military Loss

January 4, 2018

Ida Gonzalez, Mommy, Mom, Mama Gonzo, President of Butterfly Circle of Friends, her son Michael was KIA in Baghdad, Iraq on August 28, 2008. BCOF is non-profit created in memory of Michael assists military, veterans and their families. Sharing her love for Michael has been her way to survive. Play in new window | […]

Catherine McNulty: Strategies To Help With Grief

December 28, 2017

After losing her infant son, Catherine McNulty embarked on a journey to do more than survive grief. She has created a framework to grief that disrupts conventional ways of looking at loss. She challenges her clients to step outside of a victim mindset and regain control of how they navigate grief. Play in new […]

Robert Goor: Writing Through Grief

December 21, 2017

Robert Goor is a teacher, a writer, a mathematician and a scientist. He is an active member of the Bethesda Writer’s Center and of The Compassionate Friends, where he is a trained group facilitator. Dear Andrew, a collection of letters to his deceased son, is his first literary publication. Play in new window | […]