Rob Anderson

Rob’s journey began in March of 1998 following the murder of his son, Brendon. “I fell hard, I fell fast and I fell deep, just like many other bereaved parents,” says Rob. “I began to put the pieces back together once I joined The Compassionate Friends. That support group saved my life. I could be any kind of bereaved father I wanted to be without fear of judgment or ridicule. And I was. I found a safe place to bleed out the poison of the death of my son.” Once Rob began to feel better, he gave back by writing about his journey. Numerous articles have been published. Writing turned to speaking. He presented multiple workshops at three national conventions of The Compassionate Friends. Rob has written a book titled, “Dads in Grief – Grief in Dads --- A survival guide for dads after the death of their child.” Rob is looking for a publisher.


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Like a Three-Legged Dog: Adapt and Survive

My niece’s husband’s brother (got that) has a dog named Samson; he’s an enthusiastic, loving dog. Samson has only three legs. I don’t know the story behind the loss of […]

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