Carolyn Coarsey

As a former corporate human resources director, and a family survivor of a commercial air disaster, Dr. Coarsey long ago recognized the need for educating those who wish to serve survivors of trauma about the practical side of response. Her own life experience coupled with interviews with other survivors resulted in an approach to helping referred to as Human Services Response™, a practical, non-clinical approach designed to help those in crisis regain control over their environment. She has experienced first-hand the reality that when tragedy strikes one family, an organization, or an entire community, no one responder or group can meet all of the needs of those in crisis. She has conducted research on survivors of terrorist attacks, industrial and natural disasters over the past 26 years and published numerous educational videos for helping businesses, military organizations, crime victims’ groups, and other agencies learn from survivors about preferred practices and procedures. In addition to being a psychotherapist, Dr. Coarsey holds a Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico from the College of Education, with program emphasis on Managing Trauma in the Work Place. Dr. Coarsey is the principal in her training and publishing company, Higher Resources, Inc., and serves as Vice President of Corporate Philosophy for Aviem International, an organization dedicated to assisting corporations in planning, as well as responding to business and industrial disasters. She also serves as Executive Director and President of the Family Assistance Education and Research Foundation, which she co-founded in 2000 with Jeff Morgan, President of Aviem International, for the purposes of empowering survivors of disaster by educating and empowering all who choose to serve.


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