Colette Kenny Verdes

Colette Kenny Verdes is a licensed professional counselor and educator based in Pennsylania. Grief work is her passion. Miscarriage, perinatal loss, pregnancy complications, maternal health, and the NICU experience are issues that she cares deeply about. Colette is also a Compassionate Bereavement Care Certified Provider via the MISS Foundation, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Family Trust, and the Center for Loss and Trauma. She employs a mindfulness approach when working with grief. Colette’s background includes over two decades in the field of education. When she is not working she enjoys running, exploring spirituality, and spending time with her family, and two-year-old dog Carmella. Reach Colette at or 610-810-1742.


Life Changes After Pregnancy Loss

In the midst of the pandemic, after giving up trying for a second child, I found out that I was pregnant with our daughter quite by surprise. I remember looking […]

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Missed Miscarriage

What is a Missed Miscarriage? Two years ago this week, I got pregnant. Sometime that June, at my 9-week doctor’s appointment, I would find out that I had “a missed […]

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