Darcy Bellows-Mascorro

Darcy Bellows Mascorro is a proud mother of two, an artist and a Marketing creative professional who has held senior positions with many fortune 500 companies, as such she never imagined she would write a book and become a researcher and expert on life after death. “I was very grounded in my earthly life.” After the love of Darcy’s life died in tragic car accident in late 2008 she was left desperate to find out if her beloved’s consciousness survived physical death. She set out to discover whether there is a “soul”. In her pursuit for answers Darcy became the monk, the philospher, the medium and a paranormal investigator to which she has written a book chronicalling her adventures called Findiing Vern released early in 2014. Darcy is the co-founder of the Lightworkers Foundation, the foundation which is dedicated to the exploration and sharing of spiritual gifts and knowledge. The foundation came about in quite a magical way when Darcy received an email from Psychic Medium Michelle Tedrow after Michelle had a dream visit from Darcy’s crossed over husband to be Vern, Vern asked Michelle to find Darcy whom she had never met. Darcy and Michelle became instant friends after Michelle found Darcy the night after the dream visit. They discovered they had the exact same ideas to start a spiritual development group and so the Lightworkers foundation began. Darcy initially entered the world of spirits to learn about life after death but got more than she imagined. She learned how to tap in to her own intuition and she discovered how much this work which we call light work can positively impact others. “The healing I have received and witnessed is incredible.” Darcy describes herself as a medium in training and rides along with a team of psychic investigators on investigations. She is always surprised by what she has witnessed. Darcy has seen everything from life altering medium readings to unexplainable physical phenomena. “The bottom line is our consciousness survives death we are a part of something larger than we understand this is important information, if I can help fill my days by helping other through the pain of loss with these discoveries I can feel blessed until I am safely by my love’s side once again.” Michelle and Darcy have high hopes that one day they can turn the Lightworkers Foundation into a physical center for healing and educational services, as well as have branches throughout the world. Darcy currently resides in San Diego and conducts classes on psychic development. Appearances: Film/TV/Video Film Documentaries with Central California Paranormal Investigators Hauntings in Central California 2010 aired on KAIL 1) Sierra Sky Ranch 2) The Jeffery Hotel BS in Fresno 3/2012 Radio Soul Connections Paranormal with Chad Stambaugh


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