David Browning

David Browning, MSW, BCD, FT is Director of the Initiative for Pediatric Palliative Care, www.ippcweb.org, an international educational project for health care professionals aimed at bringing compassionate and culturally respectful care to children with life-threatening conditions and their families. He is also Co-Founder and Senior Scholar at the Institute for Professionalism and Ethical Practice at Children?s Hospital Boston and a Lecturer at Harvard Medical School. He has been a consultant for the Certificate Program in Palliative and End-of-Life Care at Smith College School for Social Work and for Advocating for Clinical Excellence, a transdisciplinary palliative care education project at the City of Hope National Medical Center. Reach him at [email protected] David appeared on the radio show "Healing the Grieving Heart" with Dr. Gloria & Dr. Heidi Horsley to discuss"The Death of a Mother: Integrating Personal and Professional Knowledge."


Showing Humanness: How Healthcare Professionals Can Help Families with Ill Children, 29 Aug 2008