Dempsey Rice

Dempsey Rice is a documentary filmmaker and artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her films are the avenues through which she explores the core issues that compel her to create: family, personal history, story, connection, loss, legacy, memory and ideas of home. In addition to her own creative work, Dempsey’s company Start Up Media creates videos for artists, authors and technology start-ups. Dempsey is currently a Brooklyn Arts Council Artist in Residence at the Council Center for Senior Citizens in Midwood, Brooklyn where she is working with seniors to create short documentaries. In addition, she is working with Kate Edgar on a new independent documentary project about the neurologist and author Oliver Sacks, MD. Dempsey completed a new short documentary in Februrary 2010. Forget Me Nots is a film about remembering. The act of remembering is so intrinsic to our experience that we usually don’t even notice it, but remembering is the key to our identity – it opens doors though which we access the stories and experiences that make up our lives. Forget Me Nots is the recipient of a Lucius and Eva Eastman Fund Grant, a KKL Foundation Grant, a Mary Duke Biddle Foundation Grant and several in-kind and cash donations from individuals. Dempsey's debut documentary, Daughter of Suicide, premiered on HBO Signature in May of 2000 -- it is the story of the filmmaker’s mother’s death by suicide and the process of family and friends’ healing after that suicide. Daughter of Suicide is the recipient of a National Council on Family Relations Media Awards (First Place: Mental Health, Stress, Transition, & Crisis Management Category, 2001).


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Mother’s Day Transforms After Mom’s Suicide

A woman I know recently wrote me an email that read: “Little children, I remember, I wonder, was it really me and was it really them?” This little comment struck […]

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