Elaine Voci

I am a life coach, a writer, and a storyteller with a passion for helping those who are grieving. I have helped people from all walks of life who were going through challenging life transitions, including clients making career changes; those who were moving across the country to begin a new career or accept a new position; those ending a marriage; and those who were grieving the death of someone they loved. I also draw from my own personal experiences of grief and loss and understand that grief is a normal, healthy reaction to loss. And so is resilience. I have found in myself and in clients that we all have a capacity to learn how to live with our losses, and we each have our own style of grieving. While we don't overcome grief, we integrate it into our life story, gradually, and in many instances, we take our sorrow and our loss and make something meaningful, and even beautiful, from it that not only serves us, but serves the world. As a Life Cycle Celebrant, I have been trained in the art of ceremony and rituals. I conduct ceremonies of transition, such as weddings, funerals, celebrations of life, baby blessings, new home blessings, and ritual passages such as retirement ceremonies. My life's work and my best thinking on the topics of grief, resilience, and self-compassion are represented in my written books, blogs, workshops, and coaching. I am true to my Italian heritage: I enjoy people, music, good food and wine, and creating hospitality in my home, and in my community engagements. I volunteer with the Immigrant Welcome Center, and have served the Celebrant Foundation as a contributing blog writer. In 2018 and again this year, I have been named one of the Top Ten Best Life Coaches in Indianapolis by expertise.com and it makes me feel happy to contribute to the community through my work.


Suicide, Betrayal and Coming Home, 18 Feb 2019