Gabrielle Doucet

As a Registered Nurse and a person of Spirit, I have spent my last 11 years working with people on how to improve their health, and reduce stress through the mind-body connection. I believe through education and adjustment of landscape and environment, we can gain a more balanced lifestyle. To that end, several years ago I developed a program in which my clients could experience personal healing from a variety of conditions; pain, injury, fear, anxiety, sadness and chronic/acute illness. This program put them in control and gave them tools to work with so they could function minute to minute, on their own – out there. Personal Experience My most significant qualification to the writing of this book is the fact that I am a survivor of suicide – my son having taken his own life at the age of 41 years. Thirty years ago when I began my medical journey providing effective Quality Management for patients in nearly each of the major Health Care Organizations in the Northeast and nationally, I had no idea how important this training would become for me personally. Understanding how the body works or fails to work under certain conditions comes with the job, but it began with believing in self-love. In the last 10 years, I have expanded my training and expertise to include supplementary practices toward maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit. We, the survivors of loss of all kinds, especially need this guidance. Volunteer Experience Designing healing and stress-free gardens and landscapes for cancer patients and cancer survivors. Providing structured free healing clinics for clients in need. Education Bachelor of Science in Nursing: A mid-western University (1969) Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA): A northeast University (1989) Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration (MHA): A northeast University (1989) Master Gardener (2002) Reiki Master/Teacher (2004)


Is Stigma a Part of Your Grief?

Societal stigma. Here is a topic associated with loss that few of us think about and even fewer of us talk about. By definition, stigma is an idea, condition or […]

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Getting Through Those Triggers!

When we lose a loved one, the time we spend dealing with sadness surrounding that loss can vary daily, hourly or even minute-by-minute. As time goes by, the expectation we […]

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Open to  hope

Learning to Allow in the Face of Tragic Loss

Paralytic Loss. That was me at ground zero after losing my adult son Drew in the spring of 2011 to suicide. I was so unprepared for what followed, that my […]

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