Rhonda Landry

Rhonda Landry is an occupational therapist, a dedicated Christian, and the owner of Glory Gate Ministries. She is a published author of Abyss to Abundance: From Recovery to Discovery of Who You Are as a Christian in the Kingdom of God, which was divinely-inspired following the death of her beloved husband. Rhonda has faced and triumphed many losses throughout her lifetime. Due to her profound experiences, she is able to offer guidance that will lead others through a journey of healing and recovery. Rhonda states, “I was in a deep pit following the death of my beloved husband. I wanted to die with him. He was my everything, the only man that ever truly loved me - the one I had spent my entire life searching for. But then I found God and He became my everything. He literally pulled me out of the abyss of sorrow and devastating grief and walked me through the steps of abundant living.” Because of the sorrow and emptiness that she experienced, she drew close to God. Through her intimate relationship with him, the grief became smaller as He became bigger in her life. Principles of kingdom living were revealed, which became an integral part of her healing process. Rhonda wants to share these biblical principles with others so that they can let go of their sorrow and be restored to the person, whom God created them to be.


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