Greg Schneider

Greg Schneider, CEO, Executive Director and Founder of the HEAL Project, has been directly involved with hospice as a volunteer caregiver at the bedside of the dying since 1996. His experience has given him the insight to see that compassionate care starts with first intimately knowing ourselves and then having a good understanding of the nature of the dying person’s journey. From there, the uncertainties can be minimized, allowing us to give care in a more tender and loving manner. Greg has served as a volunteer caregiver with numerous hospices in Northern California since 1996. He has served at the Zen Hospice Project and the George Mark Children’s House in the San Francisco Bay Area. He presently volunteers with Memorial Hospice, Hospice of Petaluma, Heartland Hospice and Sutter VNA in Sonoma County in Northern California. He serves at the bedside as vigiling volunteer and plays the harp for his patients and for various hospice-related events. He is a volunteer group facilitator for the Hospice of Petaluma’s bereavement group for children who have lost a parent as well as for the Children’s Cancer Community support group, which supports families whose children have cancer. He also serves as volunteer group facilitator for adults grieving the loss of a child or spouse for Heartland Hospice. In 2008 Greg established the Hospice Community Forum (HCF), which is a rapidly growing venue for the entire hospice community to network on critical issues relating to the important work that the community does as well as stimulating professional growth through better communication. Greg was selected by Johns Hopkins University to be a member of the Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Delegation to China and Tibet in October 2006. The goal of this delegation comprising various hospice disciplines was to understand how medical care was practiced in China and Tibet, both traditional and western approaches, and to see how these countries had developed their palliative and end-of-life care services. In 2005 Greg founded the Hospice Volunteer Association (HVA), which is now the world’s leading association for Hospice Volunteers and Volunteer Managers. HVA was created with the goal of Encouraging Excellence in Hospice Volunteering Through Education and Communication. Since its inception, HVA has introduced several new, innovative and unique services that benefit the hospice community such as the National Hospice Document Repository and the Patient Data Vault.


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