Irv Leon

Dr. Irv Leon, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked for over twenty years with more than two hundred families in the areas of reproductive loss, adoption counseling, and bereavement. He authored the first guide to psychotherapy for pregnancy and perinatal loss, When a Baby Dies: Psychotherapy for Pregnancy and Newborn Loss (Yale University Press, 1990), as well as over twenty papers and invited chapters in professional journals and books on reproductive issues. He has given over 50 presentations at international, national, and regional conferences as well as frequently being an invited speaker to hospitals, universities, and pregnancy loss and adoption groups. He is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Michigan Medical School where he teaches faculty, residents and staff on a broad range of reproductive issues and losses. Dr. Irv Leon was a guest on the radio show “Healing the Grieving Heart” talking about Healing the Broken Bond: Mourning Pregnancy Loss.” To hear him being interviewed on this show by Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi Horsley, click on the following link:


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Obama’s Tucson Speech Shows How Words Can Help the Grieving

Pres. Obama’s moving address to the nation last week may be viewed as a fine illustration of how we help others who grieve traumatic losses and what such grieving demands […]

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