Jack Cain

Jack Cain lost his wife, son, and daughter in a 20-month period. In his book, Now: Overcoming Crushing Grief by Living in the Present, co-authored with his new wife Dr. Anne Hatcher Berenberg, Jack, 77, describes his painful past and offers a 10-step program for regaining control of a person’s life after experiencing loss. Jack is a writer, trained chef, and photographer. His latest book is currently available on Amazon.com; ISBN 978-0-578-01155-4. You can reach Jack at [email protected] Listen to Jack and Anne on Open to Hope Radio Dr. Anne Hatcher Berenberg, Ph.D. co-authored the commentary sections at the ends of chapters and the Ten Steps, taking primary responsibility for the Reinforcements which conclude each step. Anne has a B.A. in Social Relations from Harvard University, an M.A. in Psychology from Boston University, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the City University of New York. Her background and experience as a clinical psychologist, currently in private practice, formerly as Director of Psychology at the Josselyn Center for Mental Health in Northfield, Illinois, as well as her personal experience of having been widowed, has given the book an important added dimension.


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