John Beerman

Rev. John Beerman, M.Div., is a unity minister serving Unity Community Church in Dunedin, Florida. John has been active in leading Unity gatherings since 2010, serving ministries in Loveland, Co. Austin, Texas, Colorado Springs, Anderson, South Carolina and Medina, Ohio. Teacher, author of inspirational essays, workshop leader – John conveys and lives Unity truth principles in a way that is transparent and spiritually awakening, using his lively style and dry sense of humor. Before leaving his business career for fulltime ministry, John was an employee benefits sales consultant serving insurance and retirement needs of corporations, individuals, and non-profit organizations. He also served as member of the National Health Insurance Association, and a volunteer fund raiser for the YMCA and other nonprofits. John currently co-facilitates a support group for BPD survivors, and a centering Prayer and Meditation group. “My focus in ministry is transformation, creating an environment ripe for spiritual awakenings, allowing the Christ to come forth in everyone.” John is married to Charlotte Garrett, Licensed Unity Teacher, and Prayer chaplain trainer. Charlotte is a retired civil servant, whose most recent position was Chief of Resources at US Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs. John and Charlotte have four children and eight grandchildren, they enjoy hiking, pickleball, travel and spending time with their grandchildren.


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