Jacqui Coombe

Jacqui Coombe is a blogger, marketer, wife, and now mum to a beautiful 1-year-old daughter, Lily, and cavoodle puppy, Max. Finding the right work/life balance is always a juggle, but Jacqui loves being able to combine her learnings and insights of parenting with her passion for blogging.


Understanding Compounded Grief and Ways to Cope

There are so many things to enjoy about life. Hand in hand with this enjoyment is the fact that there will sometimes be tough periods in life. These periods will […]

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Finding Purpose and Meaning in Our Older Years

Enrich Your Life with Meaning There’s a common myth that life happens in three stages. That life is linear and that there is a clear path that moves from education […]

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Coping With the Loss of a Beloved Pet

Introduction Our animal family members provide us with joy, loyalty, and unconditional love. The loss of a beloved pet can be an excruciating experience. Despite that, our society can trivialise […]

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Understanding our Emotions During Grief

There is a common saying in life, ‘nothing lasts forever.’ Unfortunately, this sentiment is true. As such, when we go through loss, whether that loss relates to a job, pet, […]

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