Jenny Landon

Jenny Landon uses the lessons she’s learned from the most difficult times of her life to create an experience for her audience that goes well beyond simply sharing a story. She connects with her audience through her own transparency and sense of vulnerability to help them develop a better understanding for mental health and how to support it. Jenny’s need for understanding mental health began in 1999 after she lost her father to suicide. Determined to understand his death, she focused the remainder of her undergraduate studies on depression and how to heal after experiencing such a loss. Jenny graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in psychology and went on to be a trained crisis counselor and public educator on suicide prevention. Still, she credits her life experiences as being the best teacher in helping her better understand mental health. In addition to losing her dad, Jenny became suicidal as a result of missing the signs that she was experiencing postpartum depression. In recent years, Jenny’s attention has been on understanding the mental health of her adolescent daughter and helping her to live a life she loves after nearly losing her to suicide. Shining a light on the importance of addressing how we are speaking about mental health is a critical element to Jenny’s message on how we can save more lives. She firmly believes it requires a shift in perspective to develop a true understanding of mental health and that this shift will change the way we speak, think and respond to those experiencing mental health struggles. Through her talk along with the materials she provides, Jenny is determined to not only save lives, but also improve the lives we’re living.


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Suicide Sucks

Funeral After a Suicide April 29, 2016— Minneapolis, MN After what had been a week of gray, rainy, cold days, it felt amazing to feel the sunshine again. It should […]

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