Janice Ervin

Heeding a call to the service of others, Janice Ervin volunteered in the United States Army from 1979 - 1983. During this time, she received rapid advancement to Sergeant, and was awarded the Army Achievement Medal for meritorious service. Through the years, she volunteered for a variety of assistance programs with Holy Family Catholic Church, from holiday food and gift drives, to assisting the elderly. Her favorite program selected a day several times a year, to offer children from such difficult home situations that they had never experienced a birthday celebration, an opportunity to attend ‘their’ birthday party at Watkins Park. On this day, Janice and her husband Vic would drive to the homes, pick the little ones up, and take them to Watkins park where they would enjoy a hayride, time with the animals in the petting zoo, games, open presents, sing, laugh play and eat cake. For just a little while, their daily struggles were far from their thoughts. During her employ with Sytel Corporation, she spearheaded an annual food and clothing drive to assist multiple abused mother and children programs in Washington DC. For several years, she and her husband purchased food and packed multiple lunches each night, for her to walk the streets of Washington, offering such meals to the homeless. This well intentioned project came to an abrupt albeit humorous halt when she found herself being questioned by the police on one occasion, and chased down a street, pelted with the food she attempted to offer, to one homeless woman! As a volunteer for Larkin Chase Nursing Home in Bowie, she fully enjoyed the company of those in their autumn years, by playing games, polishing nails, reading books, and more. And for the past several years, she has been a hospice and vigil service volunteer for Hospice of the Chesapeake in Prince Georges County, an incredible avenue for assisting those in need of end of life care. A life of enormous loss caused Janice to question from a young age, the validity to the roots of life’s generally accepted precepts. Having personally experienced many a dark night fueled a desire to understand the purpose of existence, its cycles and all that such theories entail. Her studies, spanning more than 25 years, include multiple facets of historic thought, such as Kaballah, Philosophy and History pared with the Universal Laws and Scientific Research in the field of Para physics. As she continued to gather knowledge through the theory of Tarot, Mediumship, Reincarnation, Altered States of Consciousness, the Dying process and the Stages of Grief, she noticed a synchronicity with regard to the cyclical nature of existence. She eventually formed a core philosophy that remains open to change, yet tried and true when applied to the larger questions of existence itself. Her life passion and experience led to a realization that a spiritual and emotional knowledge base is greatly needed during times of despair. This bridge is especially valuable to survivors moving through the questioning phase of bereavement and grief. Feeling lost and alone during the darkest nights, survivors cry out to understand ‘WHY?’ and the stripped bare response, ‘Have faith’ merely echoes, reverberating within their hollow soul. Rooted in the concept of a loving divine source, Janice’s theories have the ability to gently lead survivors through bereavement across to the other side where hope exists. These offerings initiate the birth for an expanded awareness while encouraging the survivor to continue to search for, and formulate layers to enrich their own personal truth as they confront life’s experiences moving forward. Such an enfoldment into their future translates to a larger sense of peace - for them and for others. Hopefully, these theories will reduce suffering and lend towards a more thinking aware discerning universe, motivating a shift towards a perspective rooted in compassion. Janice was the Message Board Moderator for Evidential Medium, Barb Mallon, from 2004 - 2005. Her local TV program, ‘Open Mind’ (Cable Ch#77) was nominated in 2006 for 5 awards, to include ‘Best Host’ and ‘Interesting Subject Matter’. Janice is a member of the Rhine Research Center (for scientific studies pertaining to evidence of continuation of consciousness), the Association for Community of Transformation (ACT), she supports her local American Legion as a prior duty military member, and is contributing author to the Open To Hope Foundation Internet site, www.opentohope.com. In addition, she creates Para Physic events to enhance awareness and was a contributing factor to the Open Source Science Mediumship Preliminary Trial Experiments from October 2008 - January 2009, working closely with Alex Tsakiris and evidential mediums through the United States as well as volunteer bereaved individuals throughout the world.



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