Judy Wolf

Judy Wolf is a wife and mother. In 2001, her son Joe was struck by a car while walking home from church. He sustained a severe brain injury from which he never regained consciousness, but survived for 3 more years after the accident. As a result of his traumatic injury, Judy enrolled in an interfaith seminary to attempt to stay emotionally and spiritually afloat through the crisis. She was ordained an interfaith (nondenominational) minister two months after Joe’s death.? She describes her ministry today as “faith without borders,” serving in the cracks and crevices between denominations. Based in Salt Lake City, she serves families who are suffering the critical illness, injury or death of a child, regardless of their faith affiliation, religious beliefs or spiritual orientation. Known for her candid, direct and humorous style, she is a regular guest speaker at health care conferences, church groups and training programs. She also conducts weddings, funerals, baby blessings and other sacred ceremonies where multiple faiths are present, or there is no affiliation. Judy earned a BA in Economics and Political Science from UC Berkeley, an MBA from St. Mary’s College of California, and was ordained an Interfaith Minister by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York.? In her prior professional life, she was a human resources manager, specializing in training and development. Judy’s first book, Spiritual Life Rafts, Women’s Stories of Profound Loss, Courage and Healing, was published in 2008. The book tells the stories of 14 women, of different religions, all of whom endured excruciating losses, including the death of loved ones. No two are alike, yet they all share a path of spiritual and emotional healing, of stepping slowly back into wholeness and joy after suffering unimaginable loss. You can preview the book at www.spiritualliferafts.com or through Amazon.com. All proceeds are donated to a nonprofit organization, Spirituality and Healing in Medicine, based in Salt Lake City.


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The Burden Basket: Why Some Prayers Go Unanswered

By Judy Wolf — In the children’s hospital in Salt Lake City, there is a small meditation room where one can have a quiet “heart-to-heart” talk with God.  Families are […]

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