Katie Adams

Katie Adams is a Detroit-based writer with an affinity for mascara and early 90s sitcoms. Heavily influenced by a hybrid diet of hot sauce, British pop music, and late-night cuddles from her cat, Darlene, Katie can often be found on early morning runs by whatever body of water is closest, or curled up in bed with some Pinot Grigio and waist-deep in a Gossip Girl binge on Netflix. More than anything, Katie loves telling stories, writing, laughing, and playing with puppies. And she can’t wait for the day when she doesn’t have to wait tables in order to do those things and pay rent.


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Dear Dad: Anger and Apologies

Dear Dad, I miss you and I’m so embarrassed. I’m embarrassed that I’ve spent seven years and $150,000 on not one, but two, creative writing degrees, and I still can’t […]

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