Kelly Kittel

Kelly Kittel is a fish biologist, an author and a mother. She’s had 13 pregnancies and has five living children, her best work beyond compare. She lives with her husband and their three youngest children in Rhode Island but her favorite writing space is in their yurts on the coast of Oregon. She has written many notes to teachers and has been published in blogs, magazines and anthologies. Her first book, Breathe, A Memoir of Motherhood, Grief, and Family Conflict, was recently awarded the IPNE Book of the Year and Best Narrative Nonfiction Book and was also an award-winning Honorable Finalist in the Readers Choice International Book Awards. Kelly speaks about grief and is a regular presenter at The Compassionate Friends Annual Conferences on a variety of topics including Miscarriage and Stillbirth, Sudden Death-Vehicular, Publishing Your Story, and Multiple Loss.


Waiting For the Other Shoe to Drop: Joe Biden’s Burden

(In Memory of Beau Biden, 2/3/1969 – 5/30/2015) Joe Biden may seem like a man on top of the world. Maybe even you, yourself, have looked at him with envy. […]

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