Kim Pierce

Kim Pierce is a former Dallas Morning News writer and editor who lost her fiancé to a heart attack in 1998. In her struggle to come to grips with his sudden death at 50, she began writing a grief journal that she eventually turned into her novel, "My Dead True Love," with the help of the Southern Methodist University Writer’s Path program. For much of her career with The News, she was a restaurant critic. She also was viewed as an expert in farmers markets and locavore trends at a time when people were seeking out more local, sustainable ways of eating. Her own experiences with the paranormal after her fiancé died became a driving force behind writing her novel – that, and a desire to help others explore what may exist beyond death. She lives in Dallas, Texas, with her partner and three cats and volunteers with the Feral Cat Group at SMU to care for the campus cats.


Doctor Journeys to the Afterlife

DOCTOR ON A JOURNEY In an earlier Open to Hope essay, I wrote about the riveting After-Death experience of a friend I call Chief. The anesthesiologist had a heart attack […]

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Doctor Recalls After-Death Experience

Doctor Recalls After-Death Experience Chief was a friend I met through Facebook, someone struggling to share his extraordinary experience of dying, then returning to life, in 2007. “I died, I […]

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Saying Goodbye to His Body

LOSING MY FIANCE When my fiancé died suddenly in 1998, I had the heart-wrenching task of identifying him at the funeral home. Wildly, madly I wanted it not to be […]

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Exploring Contact Through a Medium

Death of my Partner I expected my fiancé to meet me at the airport that day in 1998. Instead, a friend was there, and he delivered the fateful words: “Kim, […]

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