Larry Barber

Larry Barber knows grief all too well. In May 1993 his wife Cindy and two year old daughter Katie died from injuries suffered in a traffic accident in Arlington, Texas. As a widowed single parent he raised two surviving children, nine year old Sarah and 12 year old Christian. Early in his grief walk Barber cried out to send people and knowledge into his life that would help him and his children through his grief journey. In return he has promised that he would gladly share what help he recieves with other mourners. Since that promise, Barber has accepted a grief support ministry that has reached out to thousands who struggle after the death of a loved one. Barber is a minister, a licensed professional counselor, and certified in Thanatology (the specialized study of death, dying and bereavement) through the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC). He served six years as a hospice bereavement coordinator; twelve years as a grief support group facilitator in Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington TX; and four years as the director of counseling and grief support for ChristianWorks for Children in Dallas TX. Barber conducts grief seminars, in-services and church presentations. Committed to sharing grief insights shared with him by fellow mourners, he is tireless in efforts to comfort and equip those in grief.


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