Lew Cox

Lew Cox is the founder and executive director of Violent Crime Victim Services in Tacoma, WA, which provides direct services to co-victims of homicide. Lew is a Certified Trauma Service Specialist and a Certified Victim Advocate Specialist. Mr. Cox has extensive experience as a homicide victim advocate, peer court companion, and a peer support group facilitator. He is trained in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and debriefing. He is a Chaplain with the Des Moines, WA Police Department. He served in the capacity of a chaplain at the World Trade Center disaster site, Christmas week 2001. Lew is a survivor of the 1987 murder of his twenty-two year old daughter Carmon, and is the co-author, along with Dr. Robert Baugher PH.D, of the book, Coping with Traumatic Grief: Homicide. Reach Lew at Lew@vcvs.org. Lew was a guest on the radio show “Healing the Grieving Heart” talking about “Traumatic Grief and Anger” To hear Lew being interviewed on this show by Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi Horsley, go to the following link: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/14501/when-a-sibling-is-murdered


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Eighteen Years Later, Father Confronts Daughter’s Killer

By Lew Cox — In October 2005, I attended a California State parole hearing for the slayer of my daughter, Carmon. Carmon was 22 years old when she was murdered […]

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