Leila Summers

Leila Summers lives in Durban, South Africa with her two daughters, three dogs and four cats. Leila enjoys reading and writing and has a passion for research. Her particular interests include the topics of relationships, children, spirituality, death, grief and loss. Her first book, It Rains In February, is to be published in 2011. Leila’s compassionate and empathetic resonance for people and animals shines through in everything she does. She has touched the hearts of woman she has worked with over the past twenty years. In theology school, at the very young age of twenty, she held the position of student pastor, where she addressed large audiences, and of house-mother where she was counselor to around thirty women each year. She also served as a group leader at seminars on leadership training and as a telephone help-line counselor. Leila is a natural net worker and has run woman’s groups for several years, holding inspirational evenings which include collage, vision boards, talks, spiritual cinema circles and book clubs at the Sentinel Center for Transformational Therapies in Durban, South Africa. Leila has always had a passion for research, storytelling and writing. She belongs to the South African Writers Circle. She has written several articles and essays that have been self-published on the Internet with the aim of helping others. As a homeschooler, she has written articles and shared her knowledge through her personal homeschooling website for the past five years and two of these articles were published in the Mums Mail magazine. As a widow, she began writing articles on dealing with grief and loss and has published these articles on several websites to help those who have also experienced the death of a loved one. Visit her website, http://www.leilasummers.com.


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Anticipatory Grief: When Someone You Love is Dying

Anticipating the loss of someone you love is a terrifying and traumatic time. The person may have a life threatening or terminal illness. You are torn in two: one side is […]

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