Cindy Weaver

Cindy Weaver is a teacher who has worked in both public and private education for 20 years in the states of Florida, Ohio, Virginia and Colorado. She has a Master of Arts in Information and Learning Technologies and has a passion for working with digital images, creating multi-media projects and leading workshops in “Technology Integration” for teachers. She has found that writing, in any form, helps her move through life and stay close to her heart. She recently released a book on her experience with losing her daughter entitled, Losing My Breath: From Loss to Transformation. This book chronicles her journey from devastating loss to creating an abundant life. She holds retreats with her husband called “Finding My Breath: Creating Life After Loss.” These retreats include writing, art, music, experiences in nature and story-telling. Dancing has always found its way into her life and she is presently taking Ballet, Jazz and Tribal dance classes. She enjoys many creative endeavors from colored pencil, watercolor and nature-creations to collage and Art Journaling. Drawing faces is what intrigues her most. Recently her Art has taken a more introspective form as it reflects more of her life experience and her internal landscape. She is in the process of developing a business with her twin sister called SpiritFly Art. Her family has been her greatest gift and one that propels her forward. Her home is in the mountains of Colorado which she shares with her husband, a dog, a cat, two horses and two grown children that come and go in between their jobs and travels. When not at work or involved with her family, she often spends her time in the woods or on her deck reflecting and writing about the present moments of her life. Every Saturday she can be found at her “small-town” coffee shop consuming lattes and working on writing or digital art projects.


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