Lydia Hill

Lydia developed a passion for writing at a young age and has always been inspired by uplifting stories of hope. After she lost her 24-year-old sister Sarah in 2019, hope took on a greater importance as she began to notice the desire of her family and other bereaved individuals to find hope through their grief. Now a recent graduate of Texas A&M University, Lydia studied English and journalism, and for her senior journalism project, she decided to dive deeper into the topic of hope and grief by focusing her article on bereaved parents and sharing their stories of loss and hope. Because Sarah had passed away less than three months before Lydia began attending Texas A&M, the article was also a way to honor her sister and include her in her college journey.


Forever Loved: Parents Love Their Deceased Children

Tim and Donna Culliver had nothing to worry about. That’s what the doctor told the Brenham, Texas, couple when Donna brought in their 4-year-old son, Adam, after he developed a […]

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