Mary Bart

Mary Bart

Mary Bart chairs Losing Our Parents, a registered charity. As her parents’ principal caregiver for ten years, Mary has first-hand experience in helping aging parents, dealing with family dynamics, and working with public and private organizations. Her father died of cancer in 2005 and her mother died of Alzheimer’s in 2008. Losing Our Parents is an internet-based community that offers support and education to people who are coping with the declining health or death of a parent. “Losing Our Parents” was formed by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of business, health, and social work professionals. The Board developed a strategic plan that will help people all over the world through its interactive website and organized group retreats. We invite and encourage people from all countries and backgrounds to share, learn and support each other. “Losing Our Parents” is after all a universal, timeless issue. Reach Mary at


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