Monica Borschel

I am originally from Salt Lake City, Utah where I did my undergraduate in Psychology at the University of Utah. From there I was fortunate to attend Teacher's College, Columbia University where I was a research assistant in the Loss, Trauma and Emotion Lab. My studies have led me to Hong Kong to continue my passion for research under the supervision of Dr. Amy Chow at the University of Hong Kong. I have found great inspiration from my previous professors and current researchers. I hope to add to the attachment and bereavement literature in order to gain a better understanding of loss and trauma. Having experienced loss and trauma myself, I am fascinated with the stories of others, and how they have found ways to cope. Living in Hong Kong has offered me a unique cultural perspective. Though we all have different cultures, different ethnicities and different beliefs, we all experience loss and emotion similarly. I am currently striving to further cross-cultural research with an online survey under the supervision of Dr. Amy Chow and in collaboration with Kurtee Chu, and Candy Fong.


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