R. Glenn Kelly

R. Glenn Kelly is an award-winning Author, Speaker, Grief and Business Coach, as well as a bereaved father with over twenty years of executive management experience. He has authored and published two books that directly discuss the influences of grief and bereavement on the job; GRIEF IN THE WORKPLACE – EMPLOYER’S EDITION, and for the bereaved employee, TAKING YOUR GRIEFCASE TO WORK – RETURNING TO WORK AFTER THE LOSS OF A LOVED ONE. These and all of R. Glenn’s books are available in paperback and eBook at all major online book retailers, brick and mortar bookstores everywhere, and on his website at www.rglennkelly.com.


Grief in the workplace

Working Remotely With Grief

Angelica shared how she sat at the kitchen table with trembling hands as she gripped her laptop’s mouse. She was somewhat hesitant about clicking the “Join Meeting” button on her […]

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