S. Dione Mitchell

Stacey D. Mitchell is a cisgender, Black woman, wife, mother, friend, learner, mourner and follower of Christ from the South Side of Chicago. Though Stacey has held a variety of jobs since the age of 14, her career began as a 6th grade Reading, Language Arts and Social Studies teacher, where she was the recipient of a variety of awards, most prominently when she was selected as Teacher of the Year by her peers. Since then, she has worked in service of marginalized communities and People development in her roles as the Vice President of People and Equity at Educators for Excellence; the head of the People department at the Obama Foundation and now as the Founder of SAGEli Consulting where she helps individuals and organizations realize their highest, most positive personal and social impact. Stacey is also a Surge alumni. She graduated with distinction from the University of Illinois, Urbana - Champaign, is fluent in Spanish and really enjoys long walks in scenic outdoor spaces, reading, writing, jumping double dutch, skating and spending time with her loved ones.


Parentlessness with Parents

The Realization I have 4 parents and yet most times, I feel parentless. The Story of My Parents The story of my parents began in the midst of two affairs […]

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The Invisibility of Grief

The Visibility of Change My children are tweens/teens. When I think about their development throughout the years, it is clear and tangible to me the ways in which they have […]

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Evolving My Perspective on Grief

Making Sense of Grief At first, I thought grief was an amorphous vapor that made your breathing labored and that obscured your view…temporarily. But I was wrong. Losing My Grandmother […]

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The Many Forms of Grief

Contextualizing Grief In my experiences, grief has been most commonly recognized with a major event: the loss of another human being. There seemed to be a framework for understanding the […]

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