Stedman Stevens

Stedman Stevens is an executive with a record of success building new business strategies in multiple industries that align products and services with costs and customers. Leading as President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer provides a strong understanding of the value of enterprise-wide integration of key initiatives as well as reporting to Boards. Healthcare. Mr. Stevens has been on the front line of healthcare managing clinical trials (PRP), accelerating medical device development (Confidant), building physician education programs (Access Worldwide) for the top 5 pharmaceutical companies, overseeing as Board of Directors for a $1B health system (NHRMC) and working on aging issues (UNC Health $4B) for retirement care and senior living facilities. Reach him at


Pregnant After Your Mother Has Died

Pregnant with First Child You are becoming a mom. After months of trying, suddenly there is news. You are pregnant. After your husband, who is the first person you want […]

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Telling the Children that Mom is Going to Die

Telling the Children My wife was dying, and telling the children was the next step. My wife and I struck out on our journey to prepare, protect, and parent our […]

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From Grief to Gratitude: How We Get There

From Grief to Gratitude As we live through the pandemic, all of us feel the unusual weight in the air and sense the loss of how our lives used to […]

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