Steve Harris

Steve Harris wrote and produced "About Tomorrow", a 66-minute CD designed to help people get through the first few months after a loss by reassuring them that their emotions, experiences, and reactions are normal and that there is hope ahead. The project was born after Steve’s wife lost her battle with breast cancer in 2005. After emerging from several months spent lost in grief, Steve interviewed over 20 people who had lost someone they love. Their ages, background, and cultures varied. Their circumstances were diverse. Some had lost their spouse; others lost parents or children. Some of the deaths followed protracted illness; others were sudden and unexpected--a routine surgery went wrong, an accident... even a murder. Some had healthy relationships with the people they lost; others had complications. Clips from those interviews, along with Steve’s own recollections and insights, were combined with a compassionate and reassuring narrative, an original music soundtrack and two carefully-chosen, fully-orchestrated songs. Steve has been involved in the area of creative services since the late 1970s when he began producing promotional programs for a non-profit youth organization. Since that time he served as creative director for two radio stations, an ad agency, and an organization that produces a nationally-syndicated radio broadcast heard on over 1400 stations worldwide. He co-created a popular dramatic radio program for children called Adventures in Odyssey, which has since spawned a series of animated video features and a successful line of related products, along with a network of well over 1,000 stations across the U.S. and Canada. In 1990, he launched Creative Edge Communications, a full-service audio, video and print production company and advertising agency that serves non-profit organizations, other ad agencies, and numerous corporate clients.


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Stuffing Emotions Isn’t a Good Grief Strategy

When we’ve lost someone we love, grief is a journey we can’t avoid.  But that doesn’t stop many of us (particularly men) from trying.  Perhaps we’re afraid that such intense […]

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