Teresa Luttrell

Teresa Molitor Luttrell's world radically changed July 12, 2009 when her hilarious, handsome, quirky, talented, sometimes frustrating, open-hearted son died of a splenic artery aneurism at age 20, slamming her into a foreign galaxy of unimaginable pain and loss. It spurred in her a search for deeper meaning, an expanded connection to Spirit, and a need to experience the ongoing existence of Ted’s soul. Teresa holds a masters degree in consciousness studies and is a minister with Centers for Spiritual Living. Her training as a minister included studying consciousness from varying points of view--through world religions, mysticism, metaphysics, quantum physics, psychology, mind/body medicine, and more. That training has informed her grief--and her grief has impacted every way in which she ministers. Teresa says, 'I see grief as an ongoing journey that ripens pain into compassion and gives birth to something within us that can be of service to the world, in some way that both stretches us and honors them.' She and her family have established The Sparrow Fund, a scholarship in Ted's memory; successful applicants share Ted's love of music, face scholastic and other challenges and exhibit Ted's deep desire for mastery. Teresa also runs Enliven, a bed and breakfast designed for the chemically sensitive (www.enlivenbnb.com) which is also a haven for those needing support after a significant loss. In addition, Teresa offers small deeply supportive retreats on grief, growth and hope (6-8 participants) at her log cabin in the San Juan Islands, off the coast of Washington State.


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