Terri Saeed

Terri Saeed is the founder of Memorial2U, a permanent online memorial website to honor loved ones with life stories, photos, video, and audio files. Memorial2U was founded to give everyday people a way to preserve a lifetime of memories for generations to come. Our vision was to create an interface that was so easy to use, that anyone familiar with the internet would be able to assemble an elegant memorial keepsake for a loved one. Creating a memorial website through written word, photos and video evokes many personal responses. Some find it therapeutic to the grieving process, some gain a warm sense of nostalgia, and others use the online memorial to leave a special note or tribute when they feel the need to connect with someone who has passed. Recognizing that people crave connections, we have added a tribute feature where visitors can also leave their own personal remembrances. Sharing memories, stories and condolences adds to the rich content that signifies a life. We encourage you to reach out and remember those who meant so much to us. Celebrate their legacy and embrace their memory.


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What Do We Do With the Treasures in Grandma’s Hope Chest?

By Terri Saeed — A hope chest filled with a wedding dress from 1940, countless photo albums, a high school scrapbook from 1931, a memory book with witty quotations from […]

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